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1720 FENNELL ST., MAITLAND, FL 32751 | 321.444.6331

Live Music & Events

Dinner Reservations recommended


Thursday 29th  All Skates  7 pm 

Friday 30th Doc-Fu & the Soul Surgeons 8 pm 


Saturday 1st  Eden Lane 8pm 

Tuesday 4th  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Wednesday 5th  David Schweizer & Life on Mars  7 pm

Friday 7th  The Boomers 8 pm

Saturday 8th My Generation 8 pm

Tuesday 11th  Jeep & Bike Night 6 pm- 9 pm


Friday 14th  Kings County   8 pm 

Saturday 15th   Running with Scissors  8 pm

Tuesday 18th   Earth Trivia  7 pm  

Friday 21st  The Redcoats 8 pm

Saturday 22nd  Papa Wheelee 8 pm

Tuesday 25th  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Friday 28th   Harlequin  8 pm

Saturday 29th  Bar Fly 8 pm 


Tuesday 1st  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Wednesday 2nd  David Schweizer & Life on Mars 7 pm

 Thursday 3rd  The Groove Slayers  7 pm

Friday 4th  Kobalt 27  8 pm

Saturday 5th    Rundown 8 pm

Tuesday 8th  Earth Trivia 7 pm

Thursday 10th  All Skates  7pm 

Friday 11th  TruPhonic 8 pm 

Saturday 12th  Black Canvas 8 pm  

Tuesday 15th  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Wednesday 16th  Erin Coburn  7 pm  (Our 1st National Act)

Thursday 17th  Brown Bag Brass Band

Friday 18th  Harlequin 8 pm 

Saturday 19th  Eden Lane 8 pm 

Tuesday 22nd  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Friday 25th  Doc-Fu & the Soul Surgeons 8 pm

Saturday 26th  Kings County  8 pm 

Tuesday 29th   Earth Trivia  7 pm


Friday 2nd   The Redcoats  8 pm 

Saturday 3rd  Midnight Mayhem 8 pm 

Tuesday 6th  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Wednesday 7th  Life on Mars  7pm 

Thursday 8th   The Groove Slayers  8 pm 

Friday 9th  The Boomers 8 pm

Saturday 10th  Bar Fly  8 pm 

Tuesday 13th  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Thursday 15th   Lounge Lyzards  7 pm

Friday 16th Papa Wheelee 8 pm 

Saturday 17th   Running with Scissors  8 pm 

Tuesday 20th  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Tuesday 27th  Earth Trivia  7 pm

Friday 30th  Kings County 8 pm 

Saturday 31st  Life on Mars NYE Party  9 pm